What can I beemind with Jawbone?

  • steps
  • weight
  • hours of sleep
  • hours of active time

All goals are Do More goals except for weight (which is a Weight Loss).

Do I need to sync my Jawbone device every day?

When Beeminder checks for data, we'll look at the last 7 days of Jawbone data and update any datapoints that are out of sync with Jawbone. No worries about going off the grid and not syncing for a weekend - you will automatically be caught up when you return and sync your weekend steps.

If you have derailed because you didn't sync in time, no problem. Just sync the data and contact support to have your derailment undone!

I deleted my datapoint in Beeminder, but it came back!

Because of the 7-day lookback, any deleted or edited datapoints will be replaced with Jawbone's value for the day. If this data is incorrect for any reason, you'll need to modify it in Jawbone directly or contact Beeminder support for a workaround.

How much Jawbone history does Beeminder access?

When you create the goal, we'll import all the available data for that metric, but your graph will only show starting on the goal creation date.

I'm doing steps, but they don't seem to show up on the right day in Beeminder.

Double-check that your Jawbone timezone and your Beeminder timezone are correct and in alignment.

Jawbone sample goal setup

  1. Head to create a new goal (also accessible through the New Goal link in the top menu).
  2. Click the Jawbone icon to start a new goal using Jawbone data.
  3. First, decide the metric you want to track (listed at the top of this page) and select it from the dropdown.  For this example, I'll use steps.

    Next, enter the amount of that metric you want to do per week.  Finally, if you want to delay your goal's start a few days (maybe you're traveling this weekend), be sure to tick the Start this goal with extra leeway box.  Enter the number of days you want to delay and press Continue.   
  4. Give your goal a brief name.  If you want, you can also write a short description with more information.
  5. Finally, choose your initial pledge.  This is the amount you will pay the first time you derail on the goal.  After derailing, the pledge will increase by default — use the checkbox and +/- stepper below to control how high it goes.  In the example below, I have chosen to start at a $5 pledge, which will increase each time I derail, until it reaches $30 — the pledge cap.  (To read more about pledges and payments, check out some FAQs here!)

  6. And that's it!  I'll need to start stepping in the next 4 days to avoid paying Beeminder my first $5.

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